What is Chip Tuning and How to Do It?

Chip tuning is the name given to the process of replacing the software in the engine control unit in the cars. As described on the what is engine control unit page, the engine control unit (ecu) is the part that manages all operations of the engine. Almost all parts that help the engine work are powered by commands from the engine control unit. Through the chip tuning process, the software from the engine control unit is changed and the performance is improved. In addition to increasing engine performance, the chip tuning process, which also saves fuel, is one of the most preferred applications today. This page will provide information about how the chip tuning is done and explained step by step. Before we begin our article. The chiptuning is applied not only in cars, but also in motorcycles, trucks, buses, tractors and even marine vehicles.

What is Chip Tuning and How to Do It?
What is Chip Tuning and How to Do It?

What Do Chip Tuning ECU Programming Devices Do?

The software must be read from the car before performing the chip tuning. In other words, the software in the ECU must be able to download to the computer through a device to be connected to the engine control unit. Many ECU programming tools in the market can do this operation. Some of these are expensive, others are cheap devices. The reason they are expensive or cheap can be explained by the fact that chip tuning devices are licensed or unlicensed. Simply give their names as we will not discuss the devices in detail in this article.

Magpro2 X17
Kess V2
FG Tech
Galletto 4

You can start the tuning process after saving the software in the engine control unit to your computer through the devices mentioned above.

Through these tools, the engine control unit (ECU) is removed via the OBD Socket or by removing the engine unit and connecting them to the pin tips. This car varies by brand and model.

What is remap and How to Do It?

With the help of ECU Programming devices, the information contained in the software from the engine control unit is changed through the remap programs. To add this issue a little bit, the software from the engine brain must be edited in order for the tuning process to occur. So if we ask the question of which programs we organize this information through;

Ecm Titanium 1.61 allows you to perform your vehicle’s power values, Rpm values, and many operations through this program.

With Win Ols, you can make arrangements for software files such as remapping DPF or EGR cancellation, and check-sum encodings in the Ecu file.

With the Ecu Safe program, you can also perform dpf off, egr off operations.

In order to complete the tuning process, the software through above programs written to the unit with ECU programming tools. Powered by tuned software, the engine will start to operate more powerfully and torqued. With the increased engine power, the engine will burn less fuel and save fuel.

Is Chip Tuning Harmful? Does it damage the engine?

Soft tuning is not harmful to the engine, but it will also benefit. However, it should be noted that increasing engine power will create more loads on all parts. Therefore, although it does not prevent the engine from working healthily, unhealthy parts can manifest themselves before the chiptuning process and cause damage to the engine. After sure that the engine and parts are in good condition, the chip tuning process will not harm the car. It is sure to be a recommended application after the engine’s connector is relied on.

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