BMW Technologies Used in Cars

BMW, the company of which is Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, was founded in 1913 by Karl Friedrich Rapp. BMW is a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, engines and bicycles. Its headquarters are in Munich, Germany. BMW car company is one of the most recognized and reliable car companies in the world. The motto and official corporate language of BMW, a German company, is English. Its slogan is ‘sheer driving pleasure’ . With this slogan, it emphasizes the famous German technology and self-confidence in R&D. BMW is also the owner of the car companies Mini and Rolls-Royce.

BMW Technologies
BMW Technologies

What is EDC (Electronic Differantial Control)?

The elektronic diffrerantial control system combines driving comfort with the best possible driving safety. In addition, trough this system, the differential features that remain the same regardless of the load condition of the car are always provided, and any movement that will affect the car’s driving is constantly observed with sensors. All values are evaluated by a microprocessor and commands are sent to the shock absorbers according to the results. Through the valves on the shock absorbers, the stiffness is defintely adjusted and adapted to changing road, load and driving conditions. In braking, on the surface of the road or on curvy roads or acceleration, trunk movements are noticeably reduced. In addition, the driver can select the “sport” program, ie a more sportly suspension setting via the controller.

What is BMW iDrive?

iDrive is an innovative concept that allows the driver to use the car intuitively and interactively. Through the reduced number of buttons and control elements, the driver hardly takes his eye off the road. The interior of the car is simplified. Thus, driving and comfort areas are separated. Important buttons, such as the Start / Stop control button, are located in the area around the driver. So that the driver can concentrate on the road. In addition, the elements for comfort functions such as automatic air conditioning buttons are in the middle of reach for both the driver and front passenger.

The Control Screen and the Controller that allows access to this screen and can be operated intuitively with one hand are also in this area. The controller can be moved in eight directions. The menus are placed in a logic of wind rose. All functions are listed hierarchically as primary and secondary. Primary functions such as radio volume, wipers, temperature adjustment or rear window resistance are used as usual, using a control knob. Secondary functions such as instant consumption are controlled with the Controller via the Control Screen. So the driver concentrates on what he really needs to pay attention to.

What is Adaptive Cruise Control?

Active speed control is an improved function of the classic speed control (cruise control). With this system, a pre-selected speed is kept constant by means of radar. The radar sensor and control unit are combined and placed in an area under the front bumper. With this equipment, when your BMW approaches a leading vehicle, the system automatically recognizes the vehicle and keeps a predetermined distance (three different settings possible) constant. When the front of the car is opened, it automatically accelerates to reach the speed in the memory. A small touch on the brake and accelerator pedal is sufficient for the system to fail. With this system, the driver can fully concentrate on traffic, thus improving driving comfort. However, depending on the traffic situation, the driving style is naturally within the responsibility of the driver.

What is Hi-Fi Professional LOGIC7?

This Hi-fi system ensures very high quality delivery of all known audio formats over 13 speakers. With 7 mid-range, 4 tweeters and 2 centrally located subwoofers, a sound that cannot be compared to any system is obtained. The tweeters and mid-frequency speakers (100 mm in diameter) have aluminum membranes, and the subwoofers are ceramic alloy. The 6 midrange speakers are located on four doors and the rear window.

The last of these speakers is mounted right in the middle of the cockpit. Subwoofers (217 mm diameter) are located under the front seats. With this central bass concept, equal distribution of bass sounds throughout the interior is provided. To achieve this, high-performance speakers are located at the base of the vehicle. Thus, all gaps in the thresholds were used for volume production. With this arrangement, the volume of the trunk is not reduced, vibrations in front of the rear window are prevented and the bass sounds are obtained very clearly.

What is BMW Adaptive Headlight?

In the adaptive headlight operating system, when cornering, sensors detect vehicle speed, skidding rate and steering angle. An electro-mechanical system then adjusts the direction of the xenon headlights in accordance with the layout of the bend, providing maximum illumination further along the road. Also, since the Bixenon headlights have xenon in the high beams, the headlights on the inside illuminate the sides 90 degrees when the signal is given as Curve Light or according to the steering angle. From your point of view, this means that your safety increases significantly during night trips.

What is BMW Active Steering?

Just as Servotronic combines comfort and safety by adjusting the classic power steering softness to speed, Active Steering also adjusts the number of turns of the steering wheel according to speed. In a car with this extraordinary feature, you will have a very short-cycle steering at low speeds and you can ease your parking and maneuver by turning your light steering very little; At high speeds, the number of laps increases and the directional stability of the car is increased, and its safe and comfortable use is guaranteed.

What is BMW ASC + T ( Automatic Stability Control + Traction)?

On departures or on icy ‘slippery’ roads; cornering turns occur on the drive wheels, with an increase in the number of turns in one or both turns. The system receives a speed warning from the ABS sensors. It compares the ‘drive wheels’ to the speed signal from the free wheels. In case of an ambiance above a certain value. It communicates with DME (Digital Motor Electronic) to reduce the torque from the engine in order to save the wheels from this situation. To meet this demand, DME: delays the ignition time, reduces the amount of fuel in the injectors, performs throttle throttling. In addition, if there is a difference between the system ambelage rates on the right and left, the right and / or left wheels are commanded by the ABS system and brakes. Thus, the transverse stability is preserved and the vehicle continues its longitudinal movement.

What is ABS (Antilock Braking System)?

During braking of the vehicle, the wheels are blocked when a certain brake dosage is exceeded according to the strength of the tires on the road surface. The ABS system reduces or increases the brake fluid pressure within a certain range in order to solve the blockage problem in the braked wheel. For this, the ABS system receives a warning from the wheel speed sensors on all 4 wheels and regulates the brake fluid pressure. This prevents the vehicle from rolling during braking and improves stability. Longitudinal stability is not lost when braking the vehicle;
-wheels are not blocked,
-steering is not lost even during maximum braking,
-blockage is prevented
during braking on roads with low coefficient of friction.

BMW Technologies
BMW Technologies

The patent owner and producer of the system is BOSCH company. Even though it is said to be applied to the Mercedes S model for the first time in the car, it was used in the BMW 7 series in about 2 months (same year 1978).

What is Servotronic?

On vehicles with conventional power steering system, low-speed driving ease and comfort is provided, while active safety reduces at high speeds due to the soft response. That’s why the servotronic system makes the power support of the power steering system dependent on vehicle speed. It provides maximum comfort in parking maneuvers, high-speed active safety standardization and a clearer feel of the steering response.

What is BMW DSC (Dynamic Stability Control)?

It is a BMW version of the equipment known in the automotive literature as ESP (Electronic Stability Program). It is a system in the upper hierarchy that solves the problem within the physical limits by using the ASC+T and ABS systems by detecting the problems of oversteer “rear sliding” and understeer “front sliding” occurring in the vehicle when entering a corner above a certain speed.

Operation Method:
The system prevents a rotational movement. This movement perceives in the direction of deviation (yaw). The perceived rotation by creating an inverse force with independent braking by using one of the front or rear wheels. Thus, the vehicle is prevented from being thrown laterally.

For example, you are turning right, but the front of the vehicle is moving out of the corner (straight). While slipping through the nose, which BMW engineers refer to as understeering, the nose of the vehicle is pulled into the bend by applying an unauthorized brake to the right rear wheel. BMW engineers presented the system known as ESP in the automotive industry as standard in 7.50i (iL) models with the name DSC in the same year (from 1994); By incorporating 2 rotation sensors, 1 lateral acceleration sensor and many parts into this system. At the beginning of 1996, it has restrained one of the breakthroughs in this sector by reining the most modern undercarriage in the automobile world.

What is BMW CBC (Cornering Braking Control)?

When the car is braked quickly when cornering, if the car is rear-wheel drive. The front side of the vehicle generally tends to slip into the bend and the rear out of the bend (oversteering). If it is front-wheel drive, its nose usually slips out of the bend (understeering). In such a situation, when braking, the rear wheels can be blocked, as the braking effect is applied at equal pressure in conventional systems.

The CBC system is activated here, limiting braking force on this wheel. Under normal conditions, when the vehicle is in a right turn, the left rear wheel; When turning to the left, the number of revolutions must be higher on the right rear wheel. If the above-mentioned balance is disturbed by sudden braking during cornering, the CBC system will only prevent the revving of the rear wheel in the bend compared to other wheels. In this case, the possible spin response will be inhibited. At the same time, this system, max. has the power to apply more braking force to the front wheel on the load.

What is DBC (Dynamic Braking Control)?

This system is fully programmed to help the driver brake in panic situations. The DBC system uses the traction speed of the foot from the accelerator pedal. And the time to touch the brake pedal as parameters. When the driver suddenly removes his foot from the gas and brakes, the system perceives it as a panic situation and provides a faster and more effective braking than a person cannot do. In short, it detects the dangerous situation and activates the brake system from the driver with the necessary pressure before, and it does this with hydraulic effect. The high hydraulic pressure previously collected in a reservoir is released in such a case and distributed very quickly to the wheels.

What is BMW SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox)?

SMG technology is a transmission developed by BMW for Formula racing cars. It adapted to BMWs which are produced for daily use. SMG gearbox can be considered as an automatic manual gear system. BMWs with SMG gearbox do not have a clutch gear, the gearbox has an automatic clutch system in itself. The gear is shifted by pushing the gear lever forward and backward in the center console. Or by retracting the pedals on the right and left of the steering wheel. BMW engineers also put a button on the center console to control the speed of gear changes.

When moved to the fastest position, the gear is shifted well below seconds (0.02s), but since these rapid changes can shake the car, adjustment is made from the button behind the gear lever for comfortable gear shifts. It can take up to 1 month for a new user to get used to the SMG gearbox. The biggest reason for this is that unlike the automatic gear in other cars, it is necessary to lift the foot from the gas during the gear changes. SMG gearbox is mostly preferred in M ​​series cars, even the 2003 model M3 is offered as standard in the M5, which was released in 2006 in CSL. With the DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) developed by Volkswagen. Dual clutch transmissions have become more popular in the market. And DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) is offered at the BMW 2008 BMW M3.

What is VANOS?

It is a system that can change the valve opening / closing advance of the camshafts. Cam Shafts that provide the movement of the valves. While the engine is navigating in the upper and lower speed ranges. The result is a more bulging torque curve.

What is BMW Valvetronic?

It is a unique technology in serial engine production. Though Valvetronic, there is no need for throttle in the engine by ensuring constantly variable movements of the air intake valves. Less consumption, lower exhaust emission, however, a more dynamic and instantly responsive driving advantage is achieved.

A Brief History of BMW?

The company only produced aircraft engines in the early days. Then they bought Fahrzeugtechnik Eisenach A.G. entered the car production after the car company. BMW made its first car series production in 1929 with a car called 3/15 PS. With the end of World War II in 1945, the allied forces made the company’s factories unusable and BMW produced kitchen and garden supplies in 1948 until it began producing cheaper motorcycles. BMW’s return to the car market was in the 1950s. However, low sales were not very pleasant. The company was a company that made various sports sedans in the 1960s. Therefore, the blue part of the segmented emblem represents the sky and the white part represents the aircraft propeller. Another claim is that the blue and white colors in the emblem come from the colors of the state of Bavaria.

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